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per location/mth

Contacts: 1000
Manage up to 1000 contacts in this business start-up plan.

Calendars: 1
A single calendar for solo entrepreneurs and professionals.

Registers: 1
One register to organize your cash and credit card checkout.

Customer Database
Full POS System
Patient Histories
Revenue Projections

per location/mth

Contacts: 10,000
Expand your business even further with up to 10,000 contacts.

Calendars: 3
Unlimited calendars to manage your growing business.

Registers: 3
Get up to 3 registers... 1 for each of your checkout stations.

Automated Review Generation
SMS Appointment Reminders
Deferred Billing
Business Smart #
Potential Lost Client Alerts

per location/mth

Expand your business even further with access to unlimited contacts.

Calendars: Unlimited
Unlimited calendars to make your company the next Fortune 500.

Registers: Unlimited
Unlimited regsiters for your company. The sky’s the limit.

Social Media Integration
Negative Review Interceptor
Deal Promotions
Social Word of Mouth Generator
Gift Card Program

Frequently asked questions.

You asked. So we answered.

I have an existing customer database, what do I do?

If you have your customer records electronically stored we can easily import them for you. Once you create your account, your setup specialist will reach out and ensure a smooth transition.

Do I need any hardware to checkout Customers?

Nope! We provide a card reader for free and that’s all you need for our paperless POS. Easy Peasy. Some businesses also want a receipt printer and cash drawer. If so, give us a ring at (855) PUNCHEY and we can help you out!

What is Punchey?

Punchey is our parent company and provides the PCI compliant payment gateway for the MediSpaPro Software. We use this to securely connect and process Visa, MasterCard and Amex transactions. You can check them out here

Does MediSpaPro work on a phone?

The ideal setup for a retail business poised for growth is to have a dedicated computer at their checkout station. That said, for mobile jobs and individuals, we have an iOS and Android app for you to use to checkout clients.

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