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Customer Management

Our auto detailing software provides complete transaction and communication history with each client. Every “touchpoint” with a customer is automatically logged in their activity feed. Calls, emails, texts as well as bookings and payments. Best of all, it’s all cloud-based.

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Repeat Business

Recurring appointments, service due dates, automated reminders and more. Maximize your customer’s life time value with seamless retention marketing tools. Market to your client base like never before.

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Point of Sale

Use a dual screen and push invoices directly to an iPad or Tablet for signature and Digital Tips. With access 24/7/365 you'll never be more than a computer away from your spa. Go completely paperless with our SignPad tablet technology and digital receipts.

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Reviews & Online Reputation

Automatically generate customers reviews after every sale. Discretely handle negative reviews with our “direct-to-owner” messaging and seamlessly post positive reviews to social media, search engines and your website to enhance your online presence.

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Analytics & Reporting

Dozens of pre-built reports to manage your company. Identify trends, staff performance and profitability. Identify customers and slice and dice by profitably across services and techs to uncover opportunity and mange performance.

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Appointment Management

Take control of your own schedule and your staffs. Choose your hours of operations, and various service times to truly optimize your work day. Check clients in and out right from your appointments page.

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Dashboard: complete business overview.

See where you are trending for the year, month or week, and assess the health of your business. See all recent transactions at a glance. Want to take a day off but still know how your business did? No problem, access this screen anywhere there is a laptop and wifi.

History • Communication • Activity Stream • Notes • Emails and Phone Calls • Social Media Profiles

Appointment & Client Scheduling

Create a method to the madness with MediSpaPro. Schedule jobs by technician, doctor or procedure room. Add labor or service times by procedure to ensure you’re maximizing utilization given your business capacity. Get the most of out your day, every day.

Screenshot of actual dashboard.

POS Checkout Tools

Whether you want to send online invoices, collect an in-store payment, invoice a customer, take a deposit or set up installment payments, MediSpaPro has you covered. Use an iPad or tablet as a customer facing kiosk to collect signatures and maximize tip revenue.

Itemized Checkout • Digital Receipts • Digital Signature • Recurring Payment Plans • Electronic Invoicing for Corporate Accounts • Gift Cards (physical or virtual)


Automatically request reviews from your clients to ensure the highest level of satisfaction from every visit. Then post reviews on your social media platforms to increase traffic to your site for free. It's a no brainer. Learn more about our advanced marketing systems.

Word Of Mouth - Review Solicitation • Social Media & Website Postings • Online Deals • Email & Facebook Campaigns

Retention Tools

Are many of your clients first time buyers you may not see again? Stay in touch with your customer base and make sure clients stay on board. Or, perhaps it's the slow season and you want to offer some promos? Use MediSpaPro like your own private Groupon to offer deals and vouchers to new and existing customers.

Identify Customers that may be at risk of loss • Re-Marketing


Last minute job on the road? No problem, our mobile app will provide you with the tools to check out clients from any location.


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